Crushing White Sedition and the Hope and Promise of Dr. King’s Dream

  1. The men and women who took an oath to defend the Constitution were unfaithful to their office.
  2. They are faithless with regards to American democracy.
  3. They have poisoned faith and belief in the legitimacy of the system (which was already cracked).
  4. This is the very definition of a newer Jim Crow. It was not even the pretense of guessing how many jelly beans in a jar that allowed Blacks to vote. It was a federal action taken by the Congress led by the Republican leader in the name of retaining the loser of the Presidential election Donald Trump who incited violence upon the people of the United States as the Capitol of the United States fell to a seditious mob.
  5. We have to address the fascistic enterprise that is alive and well in America
  6. We have to address the autocratic movement supported by 42% of Americans.
  7. We have to dismantle the systemic forces that work against equal justice and equality. A struggle we are still in 53 years later.



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Paula M. Smith

Paula M. Smith


PhD Student, Culturally-Attuned Advanced Imago Couples Therapist, Writer and 12-Step Recovery Miracle. Contact me at: